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Project goal: 
  • Enhancing the mutual trust area, based on a common model and tools to value transversal competences in full transparency and transferability between VET, Volunteering and labour market

  • Implementing a dedicated service, able to foster the whole system at international and national level and to run at full speed.

Project results:

  • The enhancement of the model, coherently wit the ECVET, EQF and EU Passport systems

  • The e-Lever Space, including the infrastructure and the content for an easy access of the toolkit, the training and validation services

  • The pilots to test in each country the obtained products and

  • The set up of a valuable triangle system among the labour market, VET and the volunteering.

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Lever Up Conference
Presentation: "VNFIL Position Paper" (Jo Peeters, EDOS Foundation)
Presentation: "Transparency and Recognition of Skills and Qualifications"
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