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Organised in partnership with Agence du Bénévolat Luxembourg in the framework of the Luxembourgish EU Presidency.


8 October 2015

Permanent Representation of Luxembourg Avenue de Cortenbergh 75,  1000 Brussels

13.30-14.00: Registration

14.00-14.30: Opening Session
CEV President & Ms Corinne Cahen, Minister of Family and Integration Luxembourg

14.30-15.30: Creating an enabling environment

Moderator: Mirko Schwärzel, CEV Board Member
What funding is available for volunteer-involving organisations & volunteering infrastructure? What action needs to be taken to remove barriers to volunteering and make it more accessible?

15.45-16.45: Improving the quality of volunteering

Moderator: Justin Davis Smith, CEV Board Member
How is the recognition, training & development of volunteers promoted and supported.? What is the role and status for quality principles for volunteering?

16.45-17.45: Providing recognition to volunteering

Moderator: Alzbeta Frimmerova, CEV Board Member
What is the role of campaigns to promote and encourage volunteering? What links are there between volunteering, education (formal and non-formal) & life-long-learning;? How do incentives & award schemes encourage volunteering?

18.00-19.00: Valuing volunteering

Moderator: Alberto Cuomo, CEV Board Member
What support is needed for research and measurement of volunteering? What is the added value of employee volunteering? How is volunteering linked to employability, health and well-being & social inclusion?

19.30 Reception

Presentation from Lisbon European Volunteering Capital 2015
European Volunteering Capital 2016-1017 Candidates Announcement
Moderator: João Teixeira, CEV Board Member

9 October 2015

09.00-13.30: “Open Space”- EYV2011 Five Year Review: What next?

13.30: Closing Address

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