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Past events



15: CEV Board Meeting, Trento

15-17: CEV Spring Volunteering Congress, Trento

15: CEV General Assembly, Trento 


3 - 9: CSVNet Study Visit, Brussels

4 - 7: Civil Society Week 2024

4: Success factors for e-democracy participatory initiatives (Workshop, CSW2024)

5: Empowering Social Inclusion: The Crucial Role of the Validation of non-formal and informal learning and personal development (Workshop, CSW2024)

6 - 8: CEV Board Meeting, Brussels

7: European Coalition for Volunteering Evidence and Research (ECVER), Brussels

7: EVI DEMS project Final Conference, Brussels. 




20: Mentoring Across Borders - Mentoring Hubs information day


2 - 3: CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress 2023 - Dubrovnik, Croatia

2 - 3: Mentoring Across Borders - Mentoring Hubs information day


12: CLIVE Italy ESC Start

19: Mentoring Across Borders - Mentoring Hubs information day

25: VERA - Training on engaging people with disabilities as volunteers in Padova



13: CLIVE Portugal ESC Start



19: Mentoring Across Borders - Mentoring Hubs information day

5: CUFL Poland ESC Start


2: EVCapital 2025 Application Deadline

5: CUFL Belgium ESC Start

5: CLIVE Belgium ESC Start

15: REACT Webinar

21: REACT Storytelling Faces and Voices Webinar



14: CUFL Trento ESC Start

23: CLIVE Malta ESC Start


19 - 21: V4V Partners Meeting (UK)

24: CUFL Berlin ESC Start



1 - 3: EESC Civil Society Days 2023

6 - 10: CSVNet Study Visit in Brussels

19 - 22CEV Spring Volunteering Congress 2023

19 - 22: CSVNet Study Visit in Brussels
30: EESC Civil society organisations defending and strengthening



6 - 10: YEVE National Training Sessions (Online)


12: CEV Board Meeting

16: CUFL European Solidarity Corps Project partners Meeting
23 - 24: eQval of the Learning from Volunteering Erasmus Plus project Kick-off meeting (Madrid)
25 - 27: Mentoring Across Border, Erasmus+ project Kick-off meeting
29 - 31: Trondheim EVCapital 2023 Opening Ceremony & Study Visit




10: EV Capital 2022 Gdansk Closing Ceremony 


18: DYVO Final Conference

18: SLUSIK Final Conference

18-20: YEVE - International Face to Face Training in Brussels


3-4: CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress, #EVCapital 2022 Gdansk

25: CEV Thematic Workshop on "EU Volunteering: how do we build inclusive communities?" at the FEPS ANNUAL AUTUMN ACADEMY 2022 “For a Youthful European Future”

28 - 29: CEV Volunteering Training at the Youth Forum LevelUp! event


1-10: Cont’d EV Capital 2020 Padova ESC What! ESC Teams project 

24: DYVO Multiplier Local Event


1-9: Cont’d EV Capital Candidate 2019 Augsburg ESC What! ESC Teams Project

11-24: EV Capital 2015 Lisbon and Torres Vedras  ESC What! ESC Teams Project

28-31: EV Capital 2020 Padova ESC What! ESC Teams project​


1-9: Cont’d Supa SAPS CORK SUPA SAPS ESC project

1: Cont’d EV Capital 2019 Kosice & Zvolen ESC What! ESC Teams Project

3-16: EV Capital 2014 Barcelona SUPA SAPS ESC Teams project

4: INEAR Webinar, Resources for more value, 14:00 - 17:00 CEST (Online)

5-9: DYVO Int Training (4 Volunteers), (Lithunia

18-31: EV Capital 2021 Berlin SUPA SAPS ESC Teams Project

25-31: EV Capital Candidate 2019 Augsburg ESC What! ESC Teams Project

29: VolPris Multiplier Event



1-12: Cont’d EVCapital 2019 Padova SUPA SAPS ESC Teams project

2-15: EV Capital Candidate 2021 Strovolos SUPA SAPS ESC Teams project

7: EVCapital 2022 Gdansk EVCCC webinar "The role of Municipalities and   Volunteers in Crisis Volunteering: the consequences of the war in Ukraine"

18-30: EV Capital 2019 Kosice & Zvolen ESC What! ESC Teams Project

22: INEAR Webinar, Appreciation of contribution, 14:00 - 17:00 CEST (Online)

28: Eqyvol Award Ceremony (Brussels, Belgium)

29: Volunteering Interest Group in the EP (Brussels, Belgium)


30: Inclusive Volunteering Training for Trainers 09:30 - 12:30 CEST (Online) 

30: INEAR Webinar, Empowerment, 14:00 - 17:00 CEST​

30-31: EVCapital 2020 Padova SUPA SAPS ESC Teams project


        27: INEAR Webinar, New volunteers and methods, 14:00-17:00 CEST (Online)


7-8: CEV Spring Volunteering Congress (Brussels)

8-9: DYVO Partners meeting (Graz) 

9-11: DYVO International Training (Graz)

15: CTV Final Conference 

16: Civil Society Days 2022 CEV Workshop 3 "Volunteers for Prosperity" (Brussels&Online) 

31: INEAR Webinar, Independent and inclusive engagement, 14:00 - 17:00 CEST (Online)


1-2: CEV Board Meeting

17: eQyvol Transnational Partners Meeting (Online)

18-19: Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary

24: SLUSIK Partners meeting


21-23: Conference on the Future of Europe Plenary (Strasbourg)

27: Complex Toolbox for Volunteers Training (Online)

30: Gdansk EV Capital 2022 Opening Ceremony

31: CEV Board meeting



3: VOLPRIS discussion forum: Education and Volunteering in Prisons in Europe (10 -12 CET)

5: Closing Ceremony in Berlin, EV Capital 2021 and announcement of 2023 winner (Germany)  

7: EYV Networking Roundtable

TBD: EQyvol Partners 


8: Civil Society Europe Plenary 

9-10: DYVO Partners meeting (Ancona)

23-24: Validation Festival

25-27: DYVO International Workshop (Online)

22: DYVO National Workshop (Online)


4-6: 2021 Autumn Session, Conference of INGOs (Council of Europe)

8: E+ Coalition meeting

11-14: EU Regions Week 2021

13-15: 3rd VOLPRIS Short Term Staff Training, Bremen (Germany)  

21-23: Conference on the Future of Europe, Plenary & Working Groups (Strasbourg, France)  

25: SLUSIK (Service Learning Upscaling Social Inclusion for Kids) Partner's Meeting


2: CEV Board Meeting (Online) 

6: DYVO meeting

13-14: CEV Congress 2021: Berlin & Online

14: CEV General Assembly

14: CEV Conference “Revealing European Values in Volunteer Events” (REVIVE)

14: EV Capital 2023 Candidates presentations Berlin

21-22: VOCIS international event (Split, Croatia) 

23: CTV: “Complex Toolbox for Volunteers on preparing and running international projects” - Closing event 


14: EP Volunteering Interest Group online meeting


2-4: VOLPRIS Meeting (Brussels)

8: European Quality Standards in Youth Volunteering Erasmus Plus project - Kick Off meeting (11-13 CEST)

11: VOLPRIS Discussion Forum People in Prison engaging as Volunteers and the User Voice in Prison Voluntary Service Development (10-12 CEST)

8: EQSYV - Kick Off meeting


17: CEV General Assembly


7: VOLPRIS Erasmus Plus Project Discussion Forum on World Health Day 2021 (Online)

14: Volunteering Interest Group in the European Parliament. (Online)

19: CEV Board Meeting (Online)

23: The contribution of volunteers in reaching the SDGs - How can this be measured and included in the Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs)? (Online)


4:  EESC Workshop 8-Civil Society Days 2021, The role and economic value of volunteers in the road to recovery and beyond (Online)
23:  Volunteering Interest Group in the European Parliament (Online)


8: Civil Society Europe meeting

10: CEV Webinar: Lights, Camera, Action: Communicating on Volunteering & Solidarity

in the digital age (CEV Members only!)

18: European Volunteering Capital 2021 - Opening Ceremony in Berlin (Germany)

19: VOLPRIS Discussion Forum: Volunteering in Prison and Reducing Inequality (Online)

23: SDG Watch Europe - Annual General Assembly (Online)

26: CEV Board Meeting (Online)


18-19: SLUSIK Kick Off partners meeting (Online)



5: Ceremony in Padova, Italy, EV Capital 2020 and announcement of 2022 winner

8: Webinar on Family Volunteering in Belgium (Online)

11: European event-workshop "How did volunteering shape prison life in 2020?"
14-15: Volpris Erasmus+Project Meeting in Jilava (Romania)


12:  Volunteering Interest Group in the European Parliament (Online) 

18: Closing event ''Making it Matter'' (Online)


13: European Week of Regions and Cities-Local Level Resilience and Pandemic Risk, Brussels (Online) 
20-23: CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress, Padova (Italy)


21-26: Solidaria Festival Padova (Italy)


24: CEV Webinar: Volunteering in Post COVID19 Crisis: What now?


19: Webinar: Volunteering in events and how to keep solidarity at the heart of it


15: European Solidarity Corps Stakeholder meeting (Online)

Cancelled: CEV Capacity Building Conference: 22-24 April 2020, Galway - European Capital of Culture 2020 (Ireland) 

(Replaced by Webinar on 19 June)

21: Webinar - Volunteering Strategies in COVID19 Crisis 

28: Beyond the crisis: Online seminar for CEV members. Register here


2-6: Values AMIF Project Exchange Visit in Bristol (UK)


4-6: Values AMIF Project Exchange Visit in Turin (Italy)
7: European Volunteering Capital 2020 - Opening Ceremony in Padova (Italy)

19: SDG Watch Europe General Assembly


20-24: Values AMIF Project Exchange Visit in Terrassa (Spain)

30: Erasmus+Coalition Meeting 

30: Volunteering Interest Group in the European Parliament  

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Participants CEV Congress 2018




15: Opening of the 2019 European Volunteering Capital Košice (Slovakia) 

22: Information session LeverUp Erasmus Plus project on Validation of skills and competencies acquired through volunteering, Brussels (Belgium)

22-23: Peer learning activity in the framework of EQF Advisory Group on Validation of transversal competencies acquired through volunteering and other non-formal learning, Brussels (Belgium)


1: Launch of the 2021 European Volunteering Capital Competition


5: CEV Board Meeting, Brussels (Belgium)

13-14: Kick-off Meeting of the VALUES AMIF project about volunteering in support of the inclusion and integration of refugees and migrants, Brussels (Belgium)

28-29: European Civic Academy, Słubice (Poland)


4-5: Making it Matter Erasmus Plus project Partners Meeting and "The power of volunteering" Conference, Zagreb (Croatia)


30: CEV Board MeetingBudapest (Hungary)

30-31: CEV Capacity Building Conference Volunteering in Social Services, Budapest (Hungary)


5-7: EU Aid Volunteers Training Seminar, Brussels (Belgium)

11: Deadline for the European Volunteering Capital 2021 Candidatures

12-13: Civil Society Days, Brussels (Belgium)

18: SolidalCiti Closing Conference, Brussels (Belgium)

May - October

Online training course for employers and employees looking to implement employee volunteering activities in their working context. Read the call for participants and register here.


15-17:  Study Visit to Košice European Volunteering Capital 2019.  Register for the event of CEV, Kosice and the EVCC here. Read the Agenda here. Announcement of the European Volunteering Capital 2021 Jury.


8: 'Solidarity and Volunteering - European Rights and Values from the bottom up', European Volunteering Capital Seminar during EU Regions Week, Brussels (Belgium), Read the Agenda here. Register here


19: CEV Board Meeting, Brussels (Belgium)

20-21: CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress20: Lever UP International Conference

20: #EVCapital 2021 Candidates Presentations

21: CEV General Assembly & Elections

21: European Conference - Impact and lessons of ESC - Legal status, traditions and cultures of Volunteeringand Solidarity in Europe, Brussels (Belgium)


Košice 2019 #EVCapital Closing Conference handover to European Volunteering Capital 2020 - Padova (Italy) and the announcement of the 2021 Winner.

2012 - 2018

25-26 October 2018: CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress 2018
Brussels (Belgium)

9-20 April 2018: Volunteering in Culture, Rijeka (Croatia)

4-6 October 2017: 
CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress, Vienna (Austria)


April 2017: Developing European Volunteering Strategies, London (UK)

October 2016: Promoting Inclusion Preventing Extremism, 
Brussels (Belgium)


April 2016: The Volunteer Manager: Key for Excellency in Volunteer Management, Bucharest (Romania)

October 2015: Helping Hands: Hope for Europe, Brussels (Belgium)

April 2015: A multi-perspective approach to Volunteer Centres,
Zadar (Croatia)

October 2014: Volunteering in European Welfare & Social Services,
Turin (Italy) 


March 2014: Funding Volunteering through the new EU programmes: What are the options?, Brussels (Belgium)


October 2013: Cross-border Volunteering in the European Year of Citizens, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


April 2013: Making Things more EVEN, Dublin (Ireland)


October 2012: Volunteering for stronger societies through innovation and cross-sector collaboration, Copenhagen (Denmark) 


April 2012: Symposium: We're in this together? Volunteering and
Age-Friendly Societies
, Cascais (Portugal)


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