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CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress

The CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress 2020 will take place from 21-23 October 2020 online with the support of Padova European Volunteering Capital 2020. The Congress consists of the following events: CEV General Assembly, Seminar “Volunteers as a force of solidarity in times of crisis”, EVCapital2022 candidate presentations and "Sewing Solidarity Together" conference. The CEV Autumn Volunteering Congress 2020 is supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme and Municipality of Padova. Volunteers and representatives of civil society organisations, municipalities, and EU institutions will participate. 

Participation is possible online.



21 October: 

  • CEV General Assembly                                                                                                                    14:00 - 17:15


21 - 23 October 

  • EVCCC Study Visit. 13:30 (21st) - 13:30 (23rd) - Postponed 

(Representatives of Municipalities members of the European Volunteering Capital Candidates Community)

22 October

  • Webinar “Volunteers as a force of solidarity in times of crisis” in Italian                       10:00 - 13:00

  • Seminar “Volunteers as a force of solidarity in times of crisis” in English                      14:00 - 17:00

       (Part of the Europe for Citizens VOCIS project) 

  • EV Capital 2022 candidate presentations Online (Gdańsk, Gorizia, Izmir & Madrid)    19:00 - 21:00

23 October 

  • "Sewing Solidarity Together" Webinar                                                                                       09:30 - 12:30 



The VOCIS Seminar in Padova, being held as part of the Centre for European Volunteering Autumn Volunteering Congress 2020, will present the VOCIS project and explore the real value of volunteering  during crisis. University researchers, volunteers, participants and partners of the VOCIS project will share their experiences before registered participants will join working groups to explore the different aspects more deeply.  “VOCIS” (Volunteers as a Force of Solidarity in Times of Crisis) Europe for Citizens funded project connects different organizations that work on volunteerism development and creates a space to share ideas and opinions about the role of volunteers during the times of crisis.
The seminar will be online, and available on Live Streaming. 
The “Sewing Solidarity Together” Conference, supported by the Europe for Citizens programme, will share strategies to combat the stigmatization and discrimination towards immigrants, refugees and other disadvantaged and excluded groups. It will be a dynamic and interactive space where the volunteers can explain what is for them sewing solidarity; Which initiatives or strategies they have used to combat stigmatization and discrimination; how they have integrated immigrants,refugees and other minorities in their communities through volunteering; and how they think we can display solidarity and stop stigmatization in the “Era of Fake News”.
The conference will be online and available on Live Streaming. 

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