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#REACT Storytelling workshops & Podcast

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Volunteering Equality Rights Action

Project Number: 101104521
(Revealing European Values In Volunteering in Europe - REVIVE Project No. 101051131)

CEV implemented Storytelling Volunteer Faces and Voices workshops in 2023 in 10 EU countries (Belgium-Antwerp, Netherlands-Utrecht, Belgium-Mechelen, France-Paris, Hungary-Budapest, Slovenia-Ljubljana, Croatia-Zagreb, Italy-Trento, Italy-Padova, Poland-Warsaw, Spain-Jerez and Portugal-Faro). Portrait photos and voice recordings were gathered from 150 volunteers (59 male, 90 female and 1 non-binary).

CEV Vice President, George Thomson, facilitated the workshops on a voluntary basis, taking the portrait photos and making the voice recordings. This was done with the crucial support of co-lead volunteer Rachael Edgar and the staff and volunteers from the different organisations hosting the workshops.  A highly diverse group of participant volunteers were engaged in 3 hour sessions of movement, presence, and storytelling which brought a lot of joy and helped prepare each volunteer for their personal recorded story and portrait. 

21 June Webinar

Volunteers Storytelling - Faces and Voices 

22 November Webinar

Volunteers Storytelling - Faces and Voices (Registration deadline: 20 November 2023)

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