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Volunteering Strategies in COVID19 Crisis



More than 70 participants on 21 April took part in the Webinar: "Volunteering Strategies in COVID19 Crisis" to showcase different volunteer responses meeting needs during this COVID19 crisis in Europe. Presentations were delivered by Ilaria Ferraro Padova (CSV Padova), Lukas Heimes (Municipality of Berlin), Nina Arwitz (Volunteer Ireland), Anu Viltrop (Estonian Village Movement Kodukant) and Lejla Sehic Relic (CEV President) closed the webinar reminding that “ the role of volunteers is essential, and that an investment in volunteering is an investment in community resilience. The COVID19 crisis has shown once again the importance of the flexibility and bravery of volunteers acting to implement European Values and respond to needs around them”.


CEV has compiled examples of how volunteers and volunteer organisations are responding and “Volunteering in Solidarity” to meet the needs of vulnerable people during this COVID-19 crisis. The volunteers across Europe, show once again how ready and able they are to find innovative & flexible solutions to common challenges, even in a crisis. Follow #VISCovid19 for individual volunteer stories from these initiatives. Click here to access the stories.

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