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VERA 2024 Sub-granting (FSTP)

Implementation period: 1 April - 10 December 2024


CEV has the opportunity to allocate 179,600 EUR of subgrants to its member organisations as part of the VERA 2024 project. The overall aim of the subgrants, made possible through the EU CERV fund allocated to CEV as part of a Framework Partnership Agreement, is to build capacity in the volunteering sector to advance gender equality and tackle multiple and intersecting discrimination, involving the full diversity of genders and other discriminating factors especially as concerns people with disabilities.

Call and Selection Process

DEADLINE: Friday, 15 March 2024 (17:00 CET)

Volunteer Time
Volunteers (Decision C(2019)2646)
Type: Unit Costs
Units: Days spent working on the action(rounded up or down to the nearest half-day)
Amount per unit (Daily rate):

N.B.: Total amount of characters for the whole form (including spaces, points, commas, etc.): 32000

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