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CEV is partner in:

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Development of a validation system for transversal skills and competencies acquired whilst volunteering.

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A project aimed at increasing the quality of EVS-European Voluntary Service, especially the mentoring process.


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Aims to enable the creation of methods and indicators for impact measurement that will help volunteer involving organisations to understand the key benefits, and shape the most inclusive volunteer programs.


Aims to make a step further in recognising and promoting cross-border voluntary work (through three events in Europe).

The project will help to share the crucial lessons learned while facing migrant integration challenges at local level, and replicate good and proven practices in cities willing to build their capacity. It also aims to build the capacity of volunteer groups through contacts and exchanges with similar actors across Europe.

CEV coordinates:

Tandem is an initiative to get refugees, asylum-seekers and organisations learning, working and growing together.

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The project consists of an online platform (WISH), geographically displayed to enable refugees and asylum seekers to find sources of support and assistance from the different volunteering initiatives.
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