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#VERA Trainings on Participatory budget

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Volunteering Equality Rights Action

Project Number: 101104521
(Revealing European Values In Volunteering in Europe - REVIVE Project No. 101051131)

After centrally organised training of trainers by CEV, online and offline cascaded training activities in Member States will be organised on “Funding Volunteering through Participatory Budgeting”.  

Participatory budgeting is
one way to help combat inequality when resources are being allocated and “causes” prioritised. As defined by CIVICUS, participatory budgeting is where citizens directly participate in the allocation of a defined part of a government‟s (typically at the local level) budget. Such a system allows citizens to have a direct say on local public spending regardless of their respective positions in civil society organisations. This means that social groups who are often excluded from decision making processes, such as women, can have their voices heard. Under the PB process, issues faced by women that, as a consequence of them not holding as many decision maker roles are often ignored, can be discussed and have a greater chance of having funding allocation.

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